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Crack The Safe In Bank Heist Pre-Order Mission

Thief is coming back next year, but Square-Enix wants you to pre-order now. The publisher has revealed an exclusive pre-order bonus mission today that challenges players to break into a bank and make off with the loot.

In the trailer below, you'll get a feel for the challenges that await Garrett in the heavily-guarded financial establishment. If you played Thief II: Metal Age, you might recognize this map as an homage to that game's similar setting.

For more on Thief's story, check out our Gamescom conversation with narrative director Steven Gallagher, as well as our coverage from the April 2013 issue. You'll be able to play Thief for yourself on February 25, 2014, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Cool beans.
  • Buy our game early to get another mission, then buy it again once the game of the year edition comes out; If you don't you're going to be paying the same price as the game to get all of our already-completed DLC that didn't ship with the game.
  • I can't wait!!!!

  • Love all the gameplay they are showing for this game..oh wait they still have yet to do that.
  • Yay. I love having content cut from a game and used as a pre-order bonus.

  • Ive never played a Thief game before because as a kid we didnt have a computer until I was a teenager nor was I allowed a PC game so can someone answer a question for me? I heard this mission has exclusive loot to steal that cannot be obtained by any other means in the game. What does the loot you steal do? I thought it was just like a score marker for the end of your mission or something. Does loot stolen offer some kind of bonus or anything?
  • I already pre-ordered this game but this makes me even happier I did it.

  • I'm interested in this game. But I usually dislike stealth games. SO I won't preorder or buy it until I can try a demo.

  • Oh great...a pre-order that forces me out of content so I cant wait for reviews to see if its worth buy...THANKS SQUARE!
  • Christmas is coming two months later for me ^_^

  • Pretty sweet.  But I won't get this game until I see some actual gameplay.

  • These trailers have been sort of lame. The game sounds really cool, but nothing I've seen has gotten me terribly excited about it.