In July, Square Enix announced the Legacy of Music contest, asking Final Fantasy fans to compose their own homages to the series' main theme in 90 seconds or less. In anticipation for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, Square Enix has now announced it is now officially accepting video submissions, and it's also launched a new trailer for its upcoming music game.

The rules for the contest are fairly simple: upload a video of yourself or a group of friends paying tribute to the Final Fantasy theme in any sonic method you desire to the game's website, and series composer Nobuo Uematsu will declare a winner. Should they post their video before the contest ends on August 24, entrants stand to win prizes like free admission to a Distant Worlds Final Fantasy concert and soundtracks of core series titles.

Accompanying the launch of the contest is a new trailer for Curtain Call, featuring heroes and villains from Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X and X-2. The trailer shows off the new versus mode, in which players can go head-to-head locally or over Nintendo Network, pitting scarred rivals Squall and Seifer against each other, as well as sad chibi Tidus facing his overbearing father Jecht.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call releases for 3DS September 16. For full details and rules on the Legacy of Music contest, visit the Theatrhythm website.