Final Fantasy is my favorite series. This is possible in no small part to the music. Final Fantasy music is absolutely amazing in every way. I have consistently been brought to tears while playing an FF game. Usually the music is what pushes me over the edge. And now, we have an entire game devoted to this wonderful music! The game starts with 3 songs for each main series game (1 - 13). A Battle piece, a Field piece, and an Event piece. These different categories allow for a myriad of different types of songs. You can play the epic "One-Winged Angel" and then switch over to the highly emotional "Celes's Theme". This gets even better by giving each song 3 difficulty levels. The Basic (easy) and Expert (medium) levels are nice and easy, but then when you start unlocking Ultimate (hard), you are definitely in for a challenge. I've had the game since the week after it came out and I've only gotten a perfect score on 3 Ultimate Scores. But then there's even more! There are over 15 unlockable songs from gaining Rhythmia and playing through the Chaos Shrine (which is an awesome game mode in itself). Then, there's at least 50 songs available as DLC. Amazing. Your library will grow and grow. Add in around 14 unlockable characters and you have an absolutely unforgettable experience. The only downside is the uselessness of the RPG mechanics which doesn't take away from the absolutely incredible experience whatsoever. I don't even care that there's next to nothing of a story!