I bought Theatrythm Final Fantasy with the intention of mastering the art of the stylus. What I learned later that in the beginners level, it is too simple and you almost smile at yourself for the stylish effort you have conquered in defeating all the levels.

But it takes true skill to master the challenging levels along the way, so don't think your out of the woods yet.

For all you Final Fantasy geeks, and hard-core fans: rejoice! You have (probably) found a game that could be rated better than Final Fantasy XIII (sorry FFXIII, but you were "kinda" a frustrating game, but I still "kinda" love you because I love Final Fantasy...gah you make this so difficult) *cough*...for its lovable chibi characters, and fantastic music that brings back a lot of old, tearful memories. Taking you back to when you defeated Sin in FFX, or when Aerith was killed by that horrible man with long, flowing grey locks but holds a wicked Katana his name known around the freakin' world when you utter the name: Sephiroth. Or other cool memories some more fond than others, and some worth remembering than others.

Anyway, the game is addicting, I am still playing it. And I have to say, if any of you guys have a 3DS, I encourage you guys to try it out.

Quick, brief overall summary: You pick out your individual Final Fantasy characters that you want to compete in these music battles, because you need heroes to defeat the darkness and give back the music to the crystal. (I don't know to be honest, I really wanted to start breaking out some serious stylus skills on these bad guys.) x3

The game is like rock band or DDR(Dance Dance Revolution to some of you whom might have missed out on that train ride) where you have to hit the corrective buttons when it hits a certain mark. It's pretty genius, and gets you excited when they switch it up on you.

There are three buttons to watch out for (yeah, it doesn't seem like much, but try playing challenge mode on it and then you can start to really sweat it out trying to remember when to do next)


Red Buttons: You tap once.

Yellow buttons with directional arrows: Depending on what way the arrow it pointing, you slide your stylus across the touch pad.

And the green buttons: You hold your stylus down on the touch pad until there is another green button then you take it off.

Pretty simple right? In basic mode, it's very slow, and gives you a HUGE breather to relax and test out your skills, and when you have enough points (or when the crystal thinks you can "handle" the challenge mode when you reach a certain percentage) you can test out your mad skills in challenge mode, but beware the tempo is still the same but the buttons come at you faster than ever.  

The game also has three different levels.

Battle mode: where you defeat monsters that have appeared in the certain Final Fantasy game you picked to play music from, some monsters don't look like the monsters that have appeared in some games buuuuuuuuut I'm not complaining because they look adorable to defeat. So I'm not complaining. ;3

Cutscene Event: Where it shows in the background all the CGI cutscenes from the Final Fantasy games, and you have to keep track of where the buttons are going to appear as. This part I don't like because I find myself entranced in the CGI cutscenes that I can't focus on pressing buttons. I mean, it brings back a ton of memories! And a ton of distractions too...

Finally, there is like a roaming event where your leader is running along and you have to just press the buttons as they move along the screen. It's super fun because the buttons are either up on the screen or make their way down the screen, it's super effective and gets you in a jolly mood when you chain them together!

There is also a museum mode where you can actually VIEW the CGI cutscenes, or just sit back and listen to the music of Final Fantasy. Which is nice, and gives your hand a break.

Overall, this game is seriously a ton of fun. It might get repetitive at times, but it gives you several modes where you can either watch, play, or just listen. It's probably not worth the $40 bucks to pitch in, but it was well-worth it for me. I enjoyed it, and it gave a new light in enjoying a Final Fantasy game where we try and wait for Versus XIII that may just...never come out...I guess? Or Kingdom Hearts 3? I don't know, you may have some sort of love-hate relationship towards Final Fantasy or the company, but I have to say, they did an amazing job entertaining me with a stylus and a 3D screen filled with music and tapping buttons, and small chibi characters, and adorbale little vicious monsters. I hope this review will shed some light.