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  • Blog Post: Solid Rhythm Gameplay Meets A Legendary Tracklist

    Final Fantasy games are adored for their music just as much as their stellar stories and RPG gameplay. Just one measure of any Nobuo Uematsu composition is enough to get your nostalgic juices flowing. Theatrhythm allows players to enjoy a plethora of Final Fantasy tunes by tapping along to the rhythm... More
  • Blog Post: New Screens And Trailer From Square Enix's Rhythm Game

    Hot off the presses, we've got new screenshots and a trailer from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Theatrhythm is Square Enix's upcoming effort in the music genre, combining the Final Fantasy series' iconic compositions with rhythm-based gameplay and familiar character. See what to expect in the... More
  • Blog Post: Latest Wave Of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screens Show Off Dark Notes

    If you take the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy plunge this July, be sure to stop by the Chaos Shrine. There, you'll have access to randomly generated song selections that you can play to earn characters, items, and additional songs. Square Enix has released a slew of screens showing these suckers in action... More
  • Blog Post: The Right Person For The Job

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy may have components of a rhythm game, but it also has RPG character progression as well. Square Enix has just sent out a new batch of screens for the title (in the gallery below) that showcase character progression and how their different abilities are best suited for certain... More
  • Blog Post: Square Bringing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy To North America

    Square Enix has announced that it's bringing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy to North America. The quirky rhythm game will be available here on the 3DS this summer. Tim played the game at TGS last year, and was impressed with its mix of Gitaroo Man-like gameplay and Final Fantasy music. Theatrhythm Final... More
  • Blog Post: An Impressive Symphony Starring The Best Final Fantasy Tunes

    I got to play some very cool games at TGS 2011, but one 3DS title by Square-Enix caught me by surprise. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy combines the musical fun of games like Rhythm Heaven with the nostalgic bliss of memorable Final Fantasy tunes. I’ve tapped and flicked my way through several of the... More
  • Blog Post: New Batch Of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screens

    A big bundle of screenshots from the emphatically Japanese Final Fantasy rhythm game have hit the web. This 3DS title is…well, it's something. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, aside from having a name that makes me angry just to type, has players doing Elite Beat Agents-like taps and slides across... More
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