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The World Ends With You: Solo Remix

Remixed For Android

Square Enix’s hit action-RPG The World Ends With You is out for Android after a successful launch on iOS in 2012, with a facelift in the form of Solo Remix, a port with several new features. Solo Remix maintains the core of what made The World Ends With You unique and exciting, but modifies the DS game to play on one screen, and features newly redrawn artwork and full HD support.  

The World Ends With You tells the story of Neku, a boy who wakes up in the busy city of Tokyo with no idea how he got there. Upon waking up, Neku receives a mysterious text message that reads: “Clear this mission… or face erasure.” From there, it’s up to you to solve the mystery of what’s going on before it’s too late. 

Solo Remix adapts the dual-screen combat of the DS RPG by adding tapping, slashing, and dragging touch commands similar to the original stylus controls. The fusion system has also been revamped to match the new touch controls. The mobile port also includes the full 60-song soundtrack. 

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix previously released for iOS and is now available on Android for $17.99. If you’re a fan of the RPG or are just getting excited about it now, check out this strong hint that a sequel may be in the works

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  • Personally, I'd recommend nabbing the original DS version off of Amazon if you have something to play it on. Pretty much the same price for a better version, in my opinion.

  • 18 bucks when will these developers realize that most people don't put down this kind of money for an old title .(dragon quest 8 for mobile 20 bucks for mobile) ouch still hurts think8ng qbout it

  • We need a console sequel. The World Ends With U! These things write themselves!
  • Insert Worldendswith________ comment here

  • $20!!!? Well I never had the chance to finish it cause I had to sell my DS. I'll wait for a price drop.

  • Mod

    I sure hope we get a sequel!

  • This is great. Sequels are overrated. I'd rather just buy this game ten more times on several other handheld platforms! (Warning: High levels of sarcasm may or may not be in this post)
  • I adored the art style, but when I played it, I wasn't a huge fan...

  • Seems like Square is the only company that is over pricing their games in the mobile area. Get a clue Square!
  • We want a new game already!!!

  •! NO! It has to be the DS version. The two screen combat you can not get anywhere else! Emulators and roms for those who haven't played it. This game was one of the gems of my DS collection
  • Or u could just play the original on android with a ds emulator.

  • I want to try this, but the general consensus seems to be that I should dust off the Nintendo DS and get it for the handheld, instead of waiting for a price drop on Android. I'll look into it :)

  • My favorite DS game of all time. Highly recommend this fantastic game!

  • Ehhh. Not as good as the DS version in my opinion. The game is probably one of the best games ever though, and certainly my favorite. Whenever I have to point to a work of art in video games, I like to break from the pack and pull out this game. The way it uses every single element of it's game, from the music to the gameplay mechanics, to emphasize the theme is what great art is all about. Seriously amazing. Get the DS version, unless you don't have a 3DS or DS, then this is an acceptable substitute.
  • Any news on a Kindle release?


  • I totally need to get a tablet and play this!
  • hmm, didn't know either of those existed. That's good. I've been having trouble finding a copy used.

  • ... What the heck has happened to this series?

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