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Platinum Games' Project P-100 Coming To Wii U

It didn't appear at Nintendo's press conference, but a title from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games is in the works for the Wii U's launch.

Currently using the working title Project P-100, Platinum's new game puts players in control of various heroes to protect Earth from an alien invasion. Using characters like Bonzai Man, Vending Machine Man, and Toilet Boil Man, you recruit citizens into your army and use them to help you assume different shapes to beat the bad guys.

Project P-100 is releasing in the Wii U's launch window, which means you may be playing it on day one…but sometimes "launch windows" can stretch out for weeks and months.

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  • Looks good. like the art style.
  • Oh wow, ha ha.  That looks wild.

  • Does anyone else think that one guy in the red wants to be Viewtiful Joe?
  • Is this a full game or some sort of dowloadable game?
  • Yea, i saw this on spike and it looks really fun

  • They really messed up by not showcasing this.
  • I wonder why Nintendo didn't show it. Looks like a great fit for Nintendo.

  • What ever I just saw one thing is for sure it was cool

  • Nintendo, I know you like to show your own wares, but the fact this didn't get a look at your press conference is criminal.

    I know you have to kiss the big publishers ass but this game would have been a better thing to show than Arkham City, which was released 8 months ago.

  • This is one of my favorites in the whole show. God Wii U is going to be awesome. I don't think this name, Project P-100, is going to be final though.
  • "Platinum Games' Project P-100 Com..."