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Viewtiful 101?

i know that i'm in no position to really judge the game, but when i first saw the characters i thought the game would be more on the lines of viewtiful joe. more of a side scroll beat 'em down. but  i guess it works the way it is, worked enought to get the score it has, which really isn't that bad.


  • So, did you play it?
  • I feel the review score is what I expect most reviewers to give.  However, this is not a game where one play through gives you the vast majority of the enjoyment.  

    I am working on my second play through currently and it wasn't until I got deep into the game and learned from my mistakes when the true magic of the game came out.  It is a vastly different experience once you know what you are doing and have an idea in regards to strategy and technique.  The issues with drawing the weapons is really user related.  There are many ways to short hand weapons as well as upgrades that allow for different size attacks.

    For people that played 8-bit consoles, in my opinion this game will bring you back to that time.  There is no hand holding, everything is trial and error, and it has many of the qualities that I miss most from an industry that has undergone tremendous change.  

  • nice...