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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 – Faith Review

Bigby Gets His Butt Kicked In The Wolf Among Us Launch Trailer

We're only two days away from the launch of Telltale Games' next episodic series. The Wolf Among Us arrives on PC and Xbox 360 on Friday, and there's a new launch trailer to set the scene.

You'll get a new look at Bill Williamson's Fables characters in the video below. Bigby Wolf is tasked with protecting the denizens of Fabletown, and it's clear that involves him suffering physical harm.

We'll learn more about the troubles facing the big, bad wolf this Friday. PlayStation 3 fans will have to wait a few more days, but those looking to play the first episode, Faith, shouldn't have to wait long. You can read a recent preview here.

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  • I'll be interested to see the reviews for this, but I'm almost confident that $4.99 just got up and walked out of my wallet.

  • I have faith that TellTale can pull it off.
  • This is when I'm glad to own an Xbox 360 and a PS3.
  • I loved Walking Dead and I cant wait for friday when this comes out!! I hope they do the comics justice.

  • TWD was my GOTY last year, but from what I've heard of Telltale's  past games, I'm almost a bit worried about this one. Though 5 bucks isn't that bad to test the series out. And it's shaping up pretty good. Looking right nice

  • This gonna be $5 like TWD? Whatever the cost, I'm sold.

  • I can't wait for Friday.

  • Mod

    That looks so awesome! I hope it's as good as the comic books!

  • I like Telltale games this will be awesome can't wait to play this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ohhh, I get it... Bigby = Big B.

  • I'll get this game when it comes in full retail version, I'm not a big fan of the episodic approach, by the time the next episode comes I probably would forget what happens in the last one.