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  • Blog Post: Creating Complexity From Simplicity

    The most memorable puzzle games take root in your mind and keep you thinking. From imagining blue and orange portals around your office to seeing tetrominoes as you try to sleep, playing around with fun puzzle concepts doesn’t always stop when you put down the controller. Like the genre greats... More
  • Blog Post: The Witness Gets A Release Date Five Years After Announcement

    Jonathan Blow has finally put a date on his follow-up to Braid. Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting until next year before exploring his puzzle-filled island. In the trailer below, you can get a general idea of how the puzzles and exploration tie together. Blow says that completionists can expect... More
  • Blog Post: Five Features That Define The Game

    The Witness' presence on the PlayStation 4 is a coup for Sony – few independent games are as highly anticipated, given that the game is coming from acclaimed Braid designer Jonathan Blow. Blow showed off an extended demo of The Witness to press at E3, and I came away more eager than ever to... More
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