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  • Blog Post: Creating Complexity From Simplicity

    The most memorable puzzle games take root in your mind and keep you thinking. From imagining blue and orange portals around your office to seeing tetrominoes as you try to sleep, playing around with fun puzzle concepts doesn’t always stop when you put down the controller. Like the genre greats... More
  • Blog Post: Another Stunning View Of The Island In One Long Screenshot

    Jonathan Blow's The Witness is nearly a month away from release, and a new blog post discusses the game's voice over, the possibility of a physical release, and gives us another long look the the island. In the game's most recent blog post, the indie developer talks about a few updates to... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Long Flyover Look At The Island

    Jonathan Blow's The Witness is nearing release, and a new blog from the creator discusses the game's soundtrack (or lack thereof) and offers an interesting look the the island. The Witness won't have music in the same way Blow's last game, Braid, did. It will, however, have ambient noise... More
  • Blog Post: The Witness Gets A Release Date Five Years After Announcement

    Jonathan Blow has finally put a date on his follow-up to Braid. Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting until next year before exploring his puzzle-filled island. In the trailer below, you can get a general idea of how the puzzles and exploration tie together. Blow says that completionists can expect... More
  • Blog Post: Development Wrapping Up On The Witness

    Braid creator Jonathan Blow's next game, The Witness, has always had an ambiguous release date, but it appears development on the game is beginning to wrap up. In the latest post on the game's official website , game artist Orsolya Spanyol posted the new screenshot you see above, and wrote, "We... More
  • Blog Post: Seven New Screens Showcase The Marsh From The Witness

    A new batch of screens for Jonathan Blow's The Witness shows off new area, The Marsh. The Marsh is a research facility in the game, which explains the strangely colored algae. In a post on the official blog for The Witness, developer Orsolya Spanyol says the coloring was particularly challenging... More
  • Blog Post: New Screenshot Reveals The Witness' "Last Minute Area"

    Jonathan Blow's The Witness is coming soon, and new post on the game's official blog reveals a new screenshot showcasing a new area. According to Orsi Spanyol, the area starting coming together right around Christmas of last year, and has quickly been coming together in time for the game's... More
  • Blog Post: Five Features That Define The Game

    The Witness' presence on the PlayStation 4 is a coup for Sony – few independent games are as highly anticipated, given that the game is coming from acclaimed Braid designer Jonathan Blow. Blow showed off an extended demo of The Witness to press at E3, and I came away more eager than ever to... More
  • Blog Post: Jonathan Blow Details The Benefits Of Independent Development And The Witness

    Jonathan Blow created Braid, and his next game, The Witness, was a highlight of Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement presentation . Blow appeared on Sony's new Conversations with Creators video series to talk about his new game, and why independence means he can make the kinds of games he wants... More
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