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The Witness

Jonathan Blow Details The Benefits Of Independent Development And The Witness

Jonathan Blow created Braid, and his next game, The Witness, was a highlight of Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement presentation. Blow appeared on Sony's new Conversations with Creators video series to talk about his new game, and why independence means he can make the kinds of games he wants to make.

You can check out the the video below, which along with Blow also features footage from his game. You can also head here to see some exclusive screens from the game.

The Witness is coming to PlayStation 4, iOS, and PC sometime later this year.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • This game looks great!

  • braid is amazing, if this game is even half as good it will still be amazing.
  • I wish all games could be made with this mindset
  • Looks pretty good to me. I think it's great that the PS4 is really open to indie devs.
  • Mod
    He looks like Spock. That's epic.
  • This is probably my most anticipated next-gen title at this point, it looks incredible. We need creative, passionate people like Jonathan Blow in this industry and we need companies like Sony that are willing to support projects of this nature. The future of independent development on the PS4 looks very promising indeed.
  • And this is why PS4 is gonna beat Xbox One. Cause... Y'know...
  • I think this game looks boring as hell
  • I am very excite for games
  • I think we are going to see some truly amazing indie titles with the new PS4 platform for indie developers. I know there are a few indie game developers here in the GI community that I think will greatly benefit from the PS4.
  • Nice little video. And the game doesn't look half-bad.

  • huge thumbs up to that beautiful-assed game and quadruple-huge thumbs up to mr. blow! vision/passion first, money second - that's the only way innovation and art can be made...
  • Anyone else watch that movie about indie gaming and come away thinking "yeah, this guy really knows his stuff, but MAN, what a pompous ass....."? He's like the most annoying hipster of all time.
  • jonathan blow is intriguing. his creations are beautiful, profound, and open to such a myriad of interpretation. i am so excited to experience the witness.

  • I am looking forward to this so much, and the design looks epic.

  • Mr. Blow is one of the reasons I am a lifelong game enthusiast.  I appreciate the bravery he and Tim Schaefer demonstrate by thinking of gamer's first and independently of the big publishing firms and making what I consider to be some of the greatest art of my generation.

  • Looks like Myst... loved that game.

  • Looks a lot like Myst.
  • this game looks pretty interesting,ill be keeping it on my gamer radar.

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