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New Screenshot Reveals The Witness' "Last Minute Area"

Jonathan Blow's The Witness is coming soon, and new post on the game's official blog reveals a new screenshot showcasing a new area.

According to Orsi Spanyol, the area starting coming together right around Christmas of last year, and has quickly been coming together in time for the game's launch.

Blow and company have yet to reveal an exact release date for the game, outside of early 2014, but this blog post and the use of the words "last minute area" certainly seem to indicate that we should be playing it soon.

For more on The Witness, head here to read how Blow plans on implementing SteamVR support.

[Source: The Witness, via Gematsu]

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  • I can't wait to get lost in this game.

  • The screenshot of the game looks colorful and creative. Wish I could see more.

  • I want to see more on this game. looks great.

  • I want to see more on this game. looks great.

  • Looking forward to this on my PS4 after I Finish Second Son!

  • Looks good is it just a PS4 exclusive? or is it coming eventually for Xbox one too?

  • Can't wait.

    Loved Braid and the whole 'Myst vibe' really has me eager to dive into this one. Between it, 2nd Son, and Transistor (sooner than later I hope) we've got some solid PS4 titles in the works. Not to mention all the 3rd party games dropping this year. Gonna be hell on my spare time...

  • 2014 release! *fingers crossed*

  • This game keeps looking more and more beautiful. Can't wait to get lost on this island.

  • Graphics look so cool and colorful.

  • I'll have to take a look at this game after I'm finished playing Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zero's and Infamous Second Son.

  • Looks weird and adventurous....LOVE IT!

  • Really looking forward to this game.

  • Wow. Looks amazing. Braid could do with a follow up. Or at least a spiritual successor.
  • Of all the PlayStation 4 games I've looked at or heard of, this one impresses me the most.

  • So, this is coming out soon, but according to the side card, the publisher is TBA, and the release date is sometime in 2013?

  • Man I can't wait for the new MYST. I loved those games.