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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Gwent Card Game Comes To Life As Geralt Helps The Commoners

Although we won't be able to get our hands on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt until next year, CD Projekt Red is still giving us plenty of reasons to be excited for the final chapter of its fantasy RPG series. Today, the developer unveiled the contents exclusive to the Xbox One Collector's Edition of the game, including two physical decks of the new Gwent card game and a cloth map of the game world.

Gwent is a two-player card game within The Witcher 3 in which players choose from four factions and battle against their opponent. The Xbox One Collector's Edition features physical counterparts to the virtual card decks: The Nilfgaardian Empire, the Northern Realms, the Scoia’tael, and the monsters of No Man's Land.

In addition to these Collector's Edition details, Projekt Red also released the Downwarren gameplay trailer, in which Geralt accepts a local villager's request to investigate the deaths of citizens who have been sleepwalking into the woods. To get there, he must travel through the swamps, battling a couple water hags along the way.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launches February 24, 2015. For more, go to our cover story hub and read a preview of five promising features we're looking forward to.

[Source: The Witcher Official Website]

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  • I have the Collector's Edition pre-ordered for the Ps4, but I don't think I'm missing out on much. The combat looks awesome though. Very fluid, kind of reminds me of a Souls game.
  • I'm usually not one for buying collectors editions, but this one looks like it's worth the money. I don't care very much about the statue, but I'm a big fan of card games and maps as well as the artbook. This one also has loads of other cool stuff in it. Hmmmm...
  • Sweet! I have this pre-ordered for the One! February can't get here fast enough.

  • Getting this CE on the PS4 ty :D

  • Wait wait wait.... "Xbox One Collector's Edition"? So if I pre-order the Collector's Edition on a different platform, I'm missing out on physical content? Well that's annoying.
  • Maybe I can beat The Order in the four days before this game comes out...
  • The combat in the game looks great.

  • Preordered the collector's edition as soon as I read this. Can't wait to spend another $150 dollars on top of 14 other preorders XD
  • Have had PC Collector's Edition pre-ordered since the first day it went on sale. Going to be worth every single cent. This is the game to own Feb 2015.

  • I'm relieved Witcher 3 was delayed actually, would have hated to choose between this and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now I can play both!

  • I know we are tired of these hd remakes but I am not gonna lie I would be totally on board if they release an hd remake of the past two games in a bundle. Nothing like revisiting a rich world with an interesting plot.
  • Kind of disappointed the PC is not getting its own unique version. (CD Projekt is practically a PC based company after all.) Anyways, I am probably just going to go with the regular version. I can get it for $48 on Steam after all.
  • Please don't release Batman anywhere close to this game's release. I won't even consider playing another game for months besides doing the bare minimum to keep up on my fighting games.

  • Ohhhh Man! This game looks FU**ING awesome!! The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings was one of my favorite games of the last generation, by far. CD Projekt Red knows how to treat an IP. For that matter, they know how to treat their fans as well. This game is going to be truly amazing.
  • Between this and dragon age I just know this will be the better game. I trust these guys way more than bioware these days

  • odd. game manual in collectors edition. but heck, that medallion looks nice.