I just beat the main story and I can testify that this game is the best value for money since the Orange Box. Over 250 quests, an epic main storyline, the voice acting is superb, combat is a lot better that the second game, and Gwent the card game turned out to be good too. 

Horse riding and the ability to upgrade your horse with saddles, reigns and saddlebags is fun and adds things like carry weight, fear resistance, or extra stamina.

Levelling up does have its faults as you can use every power at once. You have to assign what you want to the available slots there are 16 in total but it will take you 30 levels to unlock all of them.

The main map is absolutely massive and unlike some games it is packed with goodies to find, races to win, and monsters and bandits to slay.

Replay value is great as there are many ways each quest can go and these decisions actually affect the ending. This is a lot better that the tired old way of a choice at the end. There are 36 different endings in all so you’d have to give up most of your life to see the whole game lol. The choices by the way and more grey than black and white, and they don’t always turnout how you might expect them to.

The game is definitely adults only and not just because the game has sex and swearing. The story also doesn’t shy away from racism, and some of the tales are dark and gory. It also has some sad moments and great humour added in its own charming manor.

Graphics are some of the best I’ve ever seen, and the music wonderfully sets the scene. 

It currently has a few glitches that aren’t game breaking and the game only crashed 4x and 3 of them were on the same bug. The bug in question involves the playing of Gwent when trying to pass it only happens with two characters and not always. Once the game is patched to fix this the game will be a 10/10. Until then however it is a 9.9

One last thing of note is the fact that this game doesn’t have an NG+. This is strange given the extremely long nature of the game. You can continue after the main story however.