Essentially this is a very fun game but like the others, combat is the worst part. In theory it's very fun, but it's sloppy. The frame rate on ps4 along with the responsiveness of the moves , the random lunge distances on your attacks, makes fighting in this game not very precise. But when you fight bosses, it demands you repeat the same pattern of dodges and attacks 25-50 times. But the dodges and attacks don't perform consistently, so you will be cheap shotted a lot. The game demands a level of precision sometimes that just isn't really there because of the controls. And there is a lot of time consuming crafting and trading just to get essential items. Overall it has the same problems as the last two entries. however the open world design is very ambitious in this game and, very detailed, and very immersive. I loved the world and the story. But the gameplay is a little lacking hence the 8.5