After investing many hours into the witcher 3 some doubts are starting to creep in.


The game is good and I am a witcher fan completing my 3rd play threw of the witcher 2 in anticipation of the wild hunt.

The game I feel is lacking polish , which is funny since CDPR pushed the game back supposedly to polish it .


Right off the bat Geralt handles like a drunken rhino , in and out of combat. The are times when I can not get geralt to go in the direction I want him to. he bumbles around gets stuck on objects . The new swimming mechanic almost gives me a migrain trying the get geralt to to dive properly and often times I find my self stuck in this loop where Geralt flips end over end Looking more like flipper than than the bad a$$ white wolf .Roach your horse controles like a car with 3 flat tires .

In combat things become even sloppier.  The combat in my opinion suffers from some of the worst collision detections I have ever seen in a game . and a sometimes wiley camera . In combat often times I know I landed solid sword hits , only to watch as Geralts sword sails threw the intended target with out landing any damage . At fist I thought I was simply not close enough. after hours of playing I realize that my sword is making contact... it simply just isn't doing anything.

I have hit multitudes of bugs both on the ps4 and the PC ( yeah I bought the game twice. I didn't feel like sharing the game with my husband )

First on the pc. the game crashes often for me. These are not soft crashes . most of them required a hard restart of my rig . As the game just completely locked everything up . My pc is just over the recommended specs to run the game so it is not due to my computers short comings .

Most of the bugs are minor . one though that has been some what irritating on both ps4 and PC. There are times when I can not call Roach . Not because he will not come or because he gets stuck on something( though that does happen often ) it is because no matter how many times I double tap the left stick Geralt simply does not whistle for him. No animation no nothing . Usually an event trigger or a fast travel will fix it , but it seems to happen at random and has left me stuck in situations with out a quick get away.


This is more a peeve than anything , But calling the witcher 3 wild hunt open world feels misleading . The game is instanced meaning each area is separate from the main map. and you can not just go to the other places on the map . After completing white orchard . I am more ore less shuttled off to Vergen , with no way to get to the other areas on my over world map. In these instanced areas . there are no real boarders . You will be wondering threw the wilds doing your witcher thang. then suddenly get a message " you have reached the end of the world , turn back " no mountain in my way , just an invisible wall. Looking at the map , it seems one should beable to travel further . but the gate keeper message directs you back .


on the surface though the witcher 3 is simpley a Beautiful game . particularially on a solid PC . The ps4 version is equally stunning , with only a few things dialed back from the PC. though the frame rate on the ps4 leaves much to be desired . In and out of cut scenes the game becomes a slide show , with characters juttering about. . this extends to combat and world traversal but thankfully not nearly as bad as the cut scenes.

the meta story and the side quest are Grrreat , each one feels unique and varied no matter if it is the same go here kill that set up that is in all rpgs . the wither 3 does it with a sense of style and narrative and humor that just sets it a part .

The witcher 3 I feel is in some serious need of further patching on all platforms . It really pains me as I wanted to love this game . I wanted it to be the came critics are raving about and partly it is , but to me there are serious issues that I can not believe where not addressed by profession game reviewers . Or fixed by the publisher.


P.S I am sure geralts handling is not just me peeving as I note many message boards mentioning this issue.