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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Watch Geralt's Voice Actor Improvise During The Witcher's Comic Con Panel

During The Witcher's Comic Con panel this year, a computer error lead to the disappearance of Geralt's voice. Luckily his voice performer, Doug Cockle, was available to provide help.

Along with actually reading the correct voiceover for Geralt, Cockle also took the opportunity to voice a few other characters, and give Geralt some... let's say atypical dialogue.

You can check out the video below, which only shows a few outtakes from the panel as opposed to the full gameplay demo. In the video developer CD Projekt RED promises new gameplay videos will be published to its YouTube channel next week.

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[Source: CD Projekt RED on YouTube]

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  • 3 missing words out of 4 paragraphs. Good average. :P

  • That's awesome and hilarious.

  • When I first played the Witcher, I was thrown by the guys voice. At first I just thought he sounded odd mixed with the Witchers looks. But now I can't imagine any other man to do the job. Also, the improv. I love it.
  • What a great job and hilarious, good thing he was there!
  • This game is going to eat away many hours if my life I can feel it.
  • They should let the player download his improv for the entire game haha.

  • Why isn't Troy Baker voicing Geralt?…..
  • While funny I personally hope this does not happen to us while playing the game (game errors).

  • That was pretty fun. Man I can't wait for this game.

  • Failed just like the first two linear games in this over rated series. Hopefully the third is better.
  • Wow sounds like a real cockle lmao!!

  • Geralt of Improvia.

  • I am Groot.

  • That was pretty funny.

  • Ha. Pretty funny. How does their equipment get 'broken' on the plane though?

  • Dijkstra!

    I know where this is going...

    "Had it not been for the foolish scruples of the Witcher, and his impractical principles, many subsequent events would have run their course differently. Many events would probably have not taken place at all. And the history of the world would have unfolded in an alternate way.

    But the history of the world unfolded as it unfolded, the sole cause of which was that the Witcher had scruples. When he awoke in the morning with the need to relieve himself, he didn't do what any other man would have done; he didn't go out onto the balcony and piss into a flowerpot of nasturtiums."

    from The Time of Contempt, ch.4, pg.160