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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Evil Is Evil

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game with choices, and some may be easier than others.

This stunning CG trailer for the game (teased the other day and now released early) features a scenario in one of the areas in the vast game – No Man's Land.

"Actions speak louder than words," says Adam Badowski, head of Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt RED. "We wanted this short movie to communicate that Geralt, despite being seen as a sellsword by many, has his own code of conduct and operates outside of the dirty morality of the world he lives in."

What choices you make in the game and where it leads Geralt are entirely up to you.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt comes out for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One some time next year. For more on the game, take a look at this recent trailer from E3 and be sure to click on the banner below for more content from our cover story.

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  • Wow, incredible trailer.

  • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnnnnn..............

  • My god!  An awesome Witcher trailer.  Another awesome Dark Souls trailer a couple posts below.  2014 is gonna be awesome!  I just need the impending zombie apocalypse to hold off for a couple more years.

  • Ok that's it ! I'm done ! No more hesitation, day 1 purchase ! WTF Am I talking about ? Were do we pre-order ???!!!

  • Great trailer, I'm glad I have plenty of time to catch up until the game is out. I'm almost done with the first game.

  • Is it wrong to have a Boner after watching this?
  • Guy: "What?....What are you doing!?!?"

    Geralt: "Killing monsters..."

  • That trailer was awesome! He was extremely agile with all those finishing moves he did regardless of how he is aging, that is freaking cool and can't wait to hear more about this game in the coming months! Why can't CD Projekt RED just give a release window in 2014 instead of just the year, I'm impatient watching all this and not knowing more?

  • I"M QUIVERING WITH HYPE. OMG! This is a total reference to Witcher 1's ending. OMG! I
  • I wonder who he is talking too on the other horse.

    Amazing trailer, I was expecting a similar teaser as the previous witcher Wolf Symbol but damn..

  • Booya!

  • Wow. In Witcher 1 it showed that Geralt was a powerful mercenary who was pretty much a Dick. In Witcher 2, it showed that Geralt was still kind of a Dick, but started to grow feelings for people he meets in his travels. Here, now it seems like Geralt has become a vigilante-like character who hunts monsters(literally and metaphorically) without a contract, and might make lots of enemies. When CD Projekt RED said this was gonna be Geralt's last game, they weren't kidding. I'm loving all of this, can't wait for Witcher 3.
  • That was a amazing trailer.

  • Epic trailer/CG showing. I've been a fan of Geralt's adventures ever since the first Witcher game, and couldn't be more pleased with how Wild Hunt looks.

  • It's not a Witcher game unless the woman has sex with Geralt after he saves her

  • mind blowing

  • So awesome!

  • whew!!!!

  • I literally shouted F**K YES!! at the killing monsters line.  I also loved the quote from 'The Lesser Evil' they threw in.  I literally just read that story in "The Last Wish."