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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Evil Is Evil

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game with choices, and some may be easier than others.

This stunning CG trailer for the game (teased the other day and now released early) features a scenario in one of the areas in the vast game – No Man's Land.

"Actions speak louder than words," says Adam Badowski, head of Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt RED. "We wanted this short movie to communicate that Geralt, despite being seen as a sellsword by many, has his own code of conduct and operates outside of the dirty morality of the world he lives in."

What choices you make in the game and where it leads Geralt are entirely up to you.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt comes out for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One some time next year. For more on the game, take a look at this recent trailer from E3 and be sure to click on the banner below for more content from our cover story.

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  • Truly amanzing! Wonderful univers..can wait!
  • Good lord, I can't wait for this game. This trailer was also something special. On a side note, even though I have read the books and played the games I am still amazed at how FAST Geralt moves.
  • One word: epic
  • This is what I was expecting from next gen, hope the in game quality will be somewhere near though it seems unlikely.
  • "W-what are you doing?" "Killing monsters." That line gave me chills! I can, now, not wait for The Witcher 3.
  • This studio ...
  • Very nice trailer, I'm hoping actual in-game combat will be something like this too =) Graphics-wise they're at least not going to be far off =) Me playing this game, I would also have saved the woman :P
  • This game looks so good!

  • Isn't the author of the books this notorious prima-donna and a massive D-bag with an enormous ego? That said, this game looks amazing.
  • I kind of want to go back and play Witcher 2 but some of the puzzles in that game frustrated me to no end..
  • Oh god this was such an amazing CG...I'm so glad W3 got confirmed for PS4!

  • I need this game.

  • I must play the other 2 games, This game just seems really darn cool. 1st one was on PC & the 2nd on 360 right? Is it a game you can just jump into or do you need to play the original before you play the 2nd?
  • That looks incredible. Hope the combat works like that in-game!
  • Holy Shiiiiiiiiiit...
  • Damn nilfs.
  • That video was SOOOO SICK!!! I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on this.

  • Although teased for a release today, it actually appeared on Xbox Live yesterday. Did anyone catch it early? I probably watched it 5 or 6 times. I want it now damnit. 2014 is when again?

  • Great Trailer! I'll be interested to see how the combat is compared to the previous entry.
  • One of the coolest videos ever!  I would watch a CGI witcher movie like this in theatres.  Can't wait for the day that gameplay actually looks like this!

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