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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt RED Releases Witcher 3 Screens

CD Projekt RED has released a batch of screens from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that may give Game Informer subscribers a sense of deja vu. They were good enough for our cover-story layout, however, and their quality certainly hasn't changed.

The screens show Geralt exploring on the world on horseback, embarking on a whale hunt, and torching an unfortunate giant's head. Take a look at them in the gallery below, and be sure to visit our Witcher 3: Wild Hunt hub page when you're done. It's loaded with exclusive videos and additional content.

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  • Wow. Really nice. The detail on these shots look really amazing. I can't wait to see, how this game plays in an open world environment. My PC's gonna explode, when I finally get the chance to fire up this bad boy, when it releases.
  • As of late Ive really fallen out of gaming(still sour from the ME3 debacle), yet this honestly has me excited.
  • These look absolutely stunning! Am I missing out by not playing Witcher 2?
  • My pants just got a bit tighter.

  • witcher 2 sucked cuz of the inconsistent battle system hopefully this one doest suck as much
  • That game looks purrty.

  • Oh man, I can't wait for this game and the next gen consoles to come it out

  • i might give this game a try when i buy a ps4, but diablo 3 first...
  • I think it's a given that our PCs' GPUs may melt when trying to reach this level of graphical fidelity. Personally, I hope CDPRed OPTIMIZE their engine really well before Wild Hunt hits the masses... Those screenshots though :-)

  • For those saying these graphics are stunning, etc. Brace yourself, as these are rendered using the old DX9 renderer, the final product will be rendered by the new DX11 one, you won't even recognize it then :D
  • I seriously need to get me a gaming PC. I want to play through this trilogy.
  • It looks great, can't wait to see actual game footage.

  • i pooped. a lot.

  • witcher 2 was one of the best games i ve ever played i cant wait for this to come out.. the witcher series is a ray of light for all of us that appreciate superb story lines with engaging dialogues in rpgs, combine that with a skyrimlike size open world and you'll probably get one of the best rpgs ever made.. bethesda should definitely take some lessons from these guys we need more games like this

  • So. Many. Sheep.

  • Here you have new great screen ;)
  • Amazing screenshots!
  • Hmm should I but it for myself or for my uncles birthday..?

  • My PC will never run this game, sadly!

  • Love the previews, makes me want it even more. But these shots showcase a little peeve of mine. My hobbies include horseback riding. All the photos showcase a bridless horse... I wonder if it has not been rendered into the game yet? Poor horse animation sometimes turns me away from games. (A sad reason I know)
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