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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

The Latest Trailer Shows How A Witcher Earns A Living

The latest trailer for the Witcher 2: Enhanced edition helps to bridge the gap for Xbox 360 gamers who have been forced to skip the original Witcher on PC.

A Witcher a monster hunter for hire, feared by the average person. He also has weird glowy cat eyes, which I am sure is important.

For more information to prepare you for the Witcher 2, here's a series of character bios (sort of).

The Witcher 2 will be available on Xbox 360 on April 17.

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  • I will know when in-game animations have truly advanced when they show a character untie something without cutting the camera away from the knot. But this game looks even more amazing every time I see it.
  • Come on the 17th. I'm ready for another awesome RPG after Skyrim and whilst I wait for Skyrim dlc. Hoping everyone has a great Easter weekend!

  • This trailer is epic. It sums up the witcher profession really well... and Geralt looks more ***, and I didn't know that was possible.
  • So. Much. Badassery. Me want.

  • I'm sorry I'm ignorant. Can anyone tell me if this is more of a linear RPG like Fable, or more open for exploration like Skyrim? There's a good chance I'll get it either way but I would just like to know.
  • Mod
    Why cant they make a PS3 version
  • I want this game so badly.

  • Has anyone heard about the PC update, and what's included?
  • 10 more days away! Gotta finish up Skyrim as much as I can.
  •    . . . .. .

  • CD Projekt
  • Huh. The trailer was cool, and I might play this eventually, since my PC probably couldn't play this at Max well, anyway.

  • It's a shame they didn't get it on 360... I would have liked to start there.
  • Is it "leagal"to play this game early if you've gOt an early retail copy of the game. Like would you get into trouble for having played this befor it's release date? I'm kinda relating this question to what a lot of people did with mw3. I.e. they got hold of an early copy of the game and played it The assholes that are activision even said it was ok as long as it was a legit copy, but could cdproject do it or Microsoft rather ban a acc if they discover a early play date on machine. Have the game but are kinda scared to put it in. Thanks
  • This game is looking more and more like it could get a lot of GOTYs. Would have earned its GOTY as well.

  • I need dat horse...

  • This game looks amazing! i wish i played the first one
  • The trailer looks cool, but I'm not really excited about this.
  • i cannot wait for this game.

    luckily, it comes out in 10 days!

  • Love how much coverage this gets,it deserves every single bit of it. Can't wait to play!!

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