The Witcher 2 makes no apologies for not holding ones hand through a tutorial geared for grandma or little jimmy, as this game assumes the player already knows how to play an action/rpg and has the ability to learn on the go. True, the inventory and crafting systems are abysmal, but the story and character progression are top notch, as is the action. Button mashers will not do anything but die, and the impatient may as well look elsewhere for their fix as most encounters require observation of an enemies movements and weaknesses as well often times researching information through books and npc conversations.

Graphically this game makes sweet Billy Dee love to my eyes, and brings my PC to it's knees. But not to it's knees in submission and pain, but in awe and worship at just how beautiful everything is. Every leaf, sunbeam and heaving breast is deserving a screenshot and desktop placement. I love The Witcher 2, and had they given the crafting, inventory and character progression tables even a hint of what other even mildly playable RPG's have had I would have easily rated this a 10. I sincerely do hope the rumors of console ports do become reality as I would love to live in this world again on my PS3.