There is a purpose to every game, an intention that every developer pursues. Some are just quick cash-ins, and others are highly polished and thought out pieces of art. The Witcher 2 is definitely in the latter category.

First, on the difficulty. The game is very difficult for most gamers today. Even the "weakest" enemies can overwhelm and kill you, but this is not a mistake of "unbalanced AI" it is completely intentional. The level of difficulty makes every decision you make even more important, but more on that later. Combat requires a defensive mindset, patience, and strategy. Don't let this deter you, it becomes much easier after the first third of the game.

This is one of the best RPG's I've played from a choice perspective. Every choice you make can lead to difficult combat or a peaceful resolution. Leveling choices are diverse and set up for diverse gameplay styles. The story is fantastic from start to finish, and I cannot wait to play a sequel.

There was some poor decision making on CD projecktred's part in the crafting/alchemy parts of the game. Inventory management is terrible and what plants and monster parts correspond to what alchemy ingredients is pretty hit or miss, or requires use of computer guides. The mapping system also leads you in the wrong direction frequently.

But overall this is one of the best RPG's I've ever played, blowing anything else out of the water.