This game is my first dive into the Witcher's rich and deeply detailed world. While I was lost at the beginning of the game since it apparently takes off right where the last one ended, I stuck it out and found myself loving the lore, characters, combat, missions and over all flow of the game.

The diverse nature of the missions is fun. Everything from sneaking missions, to difficult combat, to remembering a drunken night of debauchery keeps things fresh and interesting. The combat as stated is difficult at points, but rarely did I feel like it was anything other than my own carelessness that got me killed.

The pop-ins are slightly frequent, but short and don't really mess with the flow of the gameplay at all. I found them to be more during the cut scenes rather than during combat or something of that nature where it might be a bother.

A few issues that slightly irk me is the sound quality with the voice acting. The acting itself is stellar, however some characters when they speak don't sound like they were correctly mastered. Geralt's voice never has this problem. Also, the menu navigating is a bit annoying. Since you'll find yourself often going through your crafting materials, or swords and armor, as well as opening the map to see where the objective is, you would hope it wouldn't be such a long process as it is. It's not as bad as the Force Unleashed 1 but, it's still has enough of a load time lag that it's slightly annoying.

Overall, this game is amazing. The small problems I have with it are absolutely no reason not to pick this up if you're a fan of RPG's. The combat is rewarding, the graphics are gorgeous and the storyline is in depth and intense. If you are over 18 (as stated, it's very vulgar and sexually explicit), this is definitely a must buy.