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Solid... it made me cry at the end...*SNIFF*SNIFF*

This game is very very good. The game play is sweet, the story is solid, and totally not for kids or anybody under 18. GO OUT AND BUY IT!... the reason why i cried at the end was because it ended, but i intend on replaying this for a long period of time.

  • I assume you've played this on PC...or are from the future. You could not have seen the ending yet as the game does not release until tomorrow. Please don't review games you can't have possibly played on the system it is being released on yet. I don't care if you played the PC version or not..this article is not about the PC is about the 360 version. However, if you are a game reviewer that had special access(which I doubt because your review is short and pointless), or a person who knows where to get an advanced pirated copy(which I don't approve of), then I apologize and retract my rant.
  • This, and that other reviews are part of the reason I don't trust users reviews of any kind.

    And no, it has nothing to do with the score. People shouldn't be posting "reviews" for games they have not played.
  • This is obviously a fake review as the game has not come out yet. You most likely are posting this as an opinion from the PC version, please do not do this unless you have played it on 360. This is better than the other user review because it is the same review score as the qualified reviewer, so it is really not an offense if you are just backing it up from your opinion.
  • this isn't cool, u should have waited an actually played the 360 version....way to hurt the G.I community