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Great game marred by lazy port job

The base game is wonderful for anyone whose played this on the PC, already knows that. Unfortunately the graphics in this port are significantly worse, the control options feel dumbed down from the PC version, and the extra content is minimal at best, and worst of all, it does have glitches and broken moments..........

  • I'm glad you know this since you've clearly played it on 360. Glad someone from the future was able to pass on their review.
  • A review....from the future!!!!!!! Yes PC is better, blah blah blah blah blah. What a stupid, petty thing to do in the name of PC gaming.
  • I assume you've played this on PC...or are from the future. You could not have seen the ending yet as the game does not release until tomorrow. Please don't review games you can't have possibly played on the system it is being released on yet. I don't care if you played the PC version or not..this article is not about the PC is about the 360 version. However, if you are a game reviewer that had special access(which I doubt because your review is short and pointless), or a person who knows where to get an advanced pirated copy(which I don't approve of), then I apologize and retract my rant.
  • lol

  • It's so refreshing to hear an honest and well-stated opinion about this game especially from someone who isn't just pushing a petty agenda.
  • so you have played the game?
  • The other review isn't fine. So don't even bother replying with that. Yours is worse though. He just says the game is great and to go play it, and gives it the SAME score that the reviewer did. Not a lot of harm done there.

    You, on the other hand, made up a bunch of crap and labeled it as an inferior version with a lower score, for absolutely no reason other than, I imagine, to be a troll. Congratulations.
  • Holy crap, time travel!

  • This, and that other review are part of the reason I don't trust users reviews of any kind.

    And no, it has nothing to do with the score. People shouldn't be posting "reviews" for games they have not played.
  • Hey Stealth, I dunno if you know this or not.. but most gaming PCs are more powerful than your standard Xbox console. Also there is this thing called a keyboard.. it has a lot of buttons allowing you to do more stuff than your Xbox controller. Hell, my MOUSE has 8 buttons on it.. that's about the same as an Xbox controller right there. Obviously they're going to have to lower the graphical quality for the game, especially in this case.
  • git your pc version and install the better combat mod, the equip overhaul mod, the mutagenology mod, the market price mod, and this merger: then play the *** out of the game and tell me that its not broken

  • Another crushing defeat! Truly the PC master race will rule supreme and dominate the pathetic low res console subhumans! PC master race is able to review games from the future! We don't lie or troll! We only speak the truth! Even if it's physically impossible! Don't these low rest console subhumans know graphics are everything and gameplay is in no way a contributing factor to the quality of a game?! BAH! PC MASTER RACE REIGNS SUPREME! in all seriousness, *** you, you give us pro gaming GAMERS, who have no dogmatic allegiance to any platform, a bad name.
  • More like, "Great game marred by idiot user review."

    Isn't it past your bedtime?

  • obvious troll is obvious. good for you, entertaining yourself like this, this is clearly the most proficient way to spend your free time.

  • way to troll, and i'm not say this because of the score, i'm saying it because of the fact that you hadn't played the 360 version, and the fact that you used the generic "PC IS BETTER" trolling, and it was a bad attempt, u just did it because of the other guy proving your both tools. and the game was designed for the PC to use a game pad, the 360's to be more specific and almost every review of the pc version, the reviewer's amost all pointed out that the game was made with a gamepad in mind and that they played it with a game pad, so you little "Go" at the controls not working properly was just plain stupidity that was most likely a "copy & paste" review.