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The Witch and the Hundred Knight

New The Witch And The Hundred Knight Gameplay Clip Reveals Treasure Chests

The Witch and the Hundred Knight does not get proper trailers. Instead, NIS America has opted for quick 30-second looks at specific gameplay elements. The latest of these shows off the mystical dodge, and the in-game treasure chests. There is also a collection of new screens showing off both gameplay, and some of the structure of the game's menus.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is coming to PlayStation 3, in both digital and retail forms on March 25. To see more 30-second gameplay clips from the game, screens, and the game's box art, head here.

For more on video game chests in gif form, head here.

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  • Mod
    It looks neat! I just wish NIS would restock LE on their websites for upcoming games. Wanna pre-order DanganRonpa.
  • Oh look, it's Naruto raptor.

  • why only the ps3 ;_; please bring this to the ps4
  • This looks pretty cool. I could use another RPG to play.

  • This has my interest piqued. I may not pre-order it, but I'll probably get it.

  • I kinda wanna punch NIS in the face. This is so obviously NOT how you go about hyping a game. 32-second snippets of gameplay? Eff you. That's not even worth hitting play on the video, you goons. What's next, you gonna "market" the next Disgaea exclusively through Vines? Pfft. This is supposedly the next "Big" Franchise from the Disgaea team at Nippon-Ichi, guys. Please, treat it better. This is shady as heck, and from what I can PIECE TOGETHER, there's nothing to be ashamed of. It's a quality little top-down action-RPG, in the vein of Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana), but with Disgaea's style, humor and characters. Have more faith in it. These videos are stupid.
  • Tell me why this isn't coming to the Vita? Does Sony just not care anymore, has Sony abandoned it? I just bought mine thinking that maybe the PS4 would bring it to life a little more. I dont see that happening now. I am really trying to justify my purchase and the only two games ive actually enjoyed on the thing are Killzone and AC Liberation. Im not into all the JRPGs. Cartoon emo hair and 20 ton swords arent my thing. I want some WRPGs or at least a Diablo type clone game. This game looks really cool and i hope that someday they port it to the Vita! If not i guess ill just have to play it on my PS4 when i get one, because im sure they will port it to that first.
  • This one looks pretty interesting RPG. Maybe I'll get it.

  • Would love to see this on PS4. I love my new console but I'm going through withdrawal without some next-gen RPG's.

  • I may get this if I somehow make it through my absurd backlog, or when it gets to $10. In a year this big, although this looks like fun, I have no excitement to spare for this.

  • Bought it back when Amazon Offered it for 19.99, so happy i did!

  • Going to buy it.

  • Gameplay looks kinda bland, but the at least the artstyle looks nice.  Unfortunately I can't buy a game just for it's visuals.

  • I just lose interest in this game.