When The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct was announced last year, I couldn't help but be excited. How could I not be? The game is all about my favorite character from the show, Daryl, and his not so likable brother Merle. They threw you in - making you search for resources that will keep you alive for a little longer. I started to worry about the game's quality once I saw the developer behind it. Terminal Reality developed it, and they're responsible for the abysmal Kinect Star Wars game. Unfortunately, the zombies aren't very intimidating - making it easy to take out a whole herd of them by simply using your knife. The game definitely has many problems. One of those problems being severe monotony. Fortunately, this game is a bit better than Kinect Star Wars. But that's not saying very much....

 The environments are very stale. You'll be fighting through towns, forests, and train yards. They encourage you to explore, but you can only go into a very limited amount of houses. Sometimes while exploring, you'll come across some people who needs help. This is where the side quests come in. One required me to find antibiotics for a man's bitten wife. I searched the pharmacy, and after finding the antibiotics, I'm on my way back. Once I return, I hear a gunshot, It was too late. I wasn't rewarded for going out of my way.... The side quests are very unsatisfying, and shouldn't be bothered with. 

 To get to each mission, you need a car to travel. To use your car, you need gas. Gas in the game is vital. If you're driving (you don't control the car), and you run out of gas, you need to get out and find more. Sometimes your car will breakdown, or your tire will blow. You need to get out and find something that will get you rolling again. It's a nice little distraction at first, but it feels like a chore after the third time. They repeat the environment for these instances as well. It's all exactly the same. Sometimes they'll add more zombies, but all the supplies you'll find will respawn at the exact same place when you come back. It's very monotonous, and I believe the developer did it just to make the game longer. 

 The enemy variety is very, very minuscule, too. You're going to fight the same zombies throughout the entire game. It takes four slow hits for your knife to put down a single zombie. The best way to kill them is to push them, walk around them, and assassinate them. It gets pretty redundant. Some zombies will just stand there and watch you - even if you're just a few feet away. They'll try to walk towards you, but suddenly, change their minds and walk the other direction. When a zombie does miraculously try and kill you, they will try and grab you when they're close enough. This results in a very simple quick-time event. You have to point your cross-hair at the zombie's face, and press the right trigger to attack him. The longer you take, the more health you'll lose. If they're five zombies around you, they will all take turns at trying to grab you. One by one, you can take them all down by doing this quick-time event. Because of this, you're not going to get intimidated, or frightened when you see a large crowd of zombies.    


 The weapons are the only redeeming quality. You get a large roster of weapons. From melee weapons, to large weapons, you'll have quite the arsenal by the end of the game. Each weapon has its perks. The baseball bat, for example, can deal a great amount of damage, hit at further distances, but they're slower. A hatchet is quite fast, but it's not as powerful, and it doesn't hit nearly far. The best ranged weapon in the game is obviously Daryl's crossbow. The bolts can travel far, it's quiet, and best of all, you can retrieve your bolts after shooting them. It's very satisfying to land a head shot with a crossbow. Too bad you won't get it until you're more than half way through the campaign. Once you do get it, the game gets much better. There are also flares and glass bottles in your arsenal. These will distract the zombies. You won't be needing them that much because the zombies can be taken down easily anyways. This large ample of weaponry has its price, however. You only have a 10 item limit. That also goes for ammo. You have to pick what best fits your play style. Trust me, you're going to have to discard a lot of items in this game. Also, none of the weapons break. This was a huge relief to me. 

 After you complete the game in different fashions, you'll unlock relics. If you want to play through the game again, you can use these relics to make the game much more enjoyable. One of them lets you have the crossbow and assault rifle right in the games beginning. Another, adds more damage to your melee weapons. Relics are fun to goof around with, and makes achievement hunting much more simple. You can only pick one relic, however. This all depends on if you want to replay this game. Which is very unlikely! 

 During the game, you can find survivors to help you along. You can let them search the area. They can find food, gas, and everything important. But you can only choose one item for them to search for. If you do this, make sure they have some sort of weapon. Daryl is likable, he has no motive. Nor does he have a set goal. Besides trying to stay alive of course. The story is quite non-existent, too. You're being attacked by zombies during a hunting trip. Daryl manages to escape in search for his brother Merle. Once they reunite, they set off for safety. It's very bland, and nothing surprising happens. Merle doesn't have that big of a part in the game either. He'll be with you in cut-scenes. But during gameplay, he's nowhere to be found. his was quite irritating because I wanted the game centered on these two guys. But the main focus is Daryl. They should give both guys equal spotlight. I would have liked online co-op, but there's none to be found here.

 The game suffers from extreme mediocrity. I would not recommend this to any survival horror fan. If you're a fan of the show, you might find a few things interesting, but just give it a rent. The main campaign can be completed in 4 hours. If you want a good Walking Dead game, play the Telltale one. Leave this in the bargain bin! 

Setting: Thumbs Down. 
Story: Thumbs Down 
Characters: Thumbs Down
Weapons: Average 

Overall: 2/10