(Wii U version, i apologize for posting this in the 360 section)

The walking dead, licensed, & activision. Yep i smell a flop. Well actually no, this game is fun for what your given if only terminal reality was given more time to polish and tune the game up some then this could've been a redemption for licensed games.


This game isnt BAD but it isn't a masterpiece either, its fun. Its a VIDEO GAME not a groundbreaking novel or a blockbuster movie that is nominated for 5 oscars. 


I played the game on the Wii U and it plays just fine, the gamepad gives you quick access to inventory just by clicking on the items. The game can be played with a Pro controller also, which i probably actually recommend because the gamepads dual sticks are far apart making it feel a little awkward to move around.


the graphics aren't horrendous (but im not picky either) but with today's HD advance consoles we all expect eye candy, i understand but if you base games off graphics then this game will give you an eyesore. 


My opinion is wait for a price drop, $19.99 seems about right.