Okay, lets be perfectly clear on one thing: The game is made after a tv show. We all know what games are like that are modeled after tv shows/movies: Almost complete crap. That being said, the bar for this game should be low to begin with. Why would you ever expect a 9/10 on a game based after a tv show/movie? Moving along though. The graphics are acceptable, and that's about all I've got to say about the graphics. The game play in-and-of itself is not that bad. Every time I got into a close encounter and had to use a hatchet, or a hammer, or any other melee weapon for some reason I automatically thought about Dead Island. Not with the customization, or anything like that, just hitting the zombies with stuff like that reminded me of wailing on zombies with the melee weapons from Dead Island. Things get better when you find the baseball bat, axe and sledgehammer though. Slow to swing, but they have high damage and have decent reach. Firearms are handled pretty well too, they sounded like firearms should. I didn't feel like I was shooting a pea-shooter when I shot off a few rounds with the revolver or the shotgun. Getting head shots is as easy as you'd think when dealing with shambling corpses. The crossbow, however, really let me down. Not so much in using it, but retrieving your arrows if you miss is near impossible unless you get lucky and it sticks into a wall or something like that. Otherwise, they just disappear like a fart in the wind. So you go from having 9 bolts to 2 pretty quickly if you don't watch it.

The scavenging is nice. Your inventory will fill up quickly if you just grab everything you see, so you end up leaving behind some items that you need to make quick decisions on. Not that they are hard, but you never quite get that "maybe I should've taken those rifle bullets instead of the hammer" scenario out of your head. The traveling mechanic is, overall, good. I like the fact you have to scavenge for fuel, and when you find different vehicles they each have their own fuel usage, passenger capacity and inventory slots. The people you rescue are take or leave. You can send them on errands to fetch things, and hope that they come back. They each have different abilities: like some are stealthy and like blunt weapons, or some just like rifles and are reckless. These things are fine and dandy except for one thing. You can only speculate on what some of them mean. The game never really tells you. I'd suggest just telling them to stay in the car, gather as many as you can, and keep them alive until the end because they each unlock a specific relic you can use on a replay of the game.

Now, call me old-school on this one but I like the fact there is only one enemy type. I absolutely despise games where a zombie just simply isn't a zombie. It turns into this mutated abomination from hell that is all of a sudden a billy bad-ass. I don't even mind the games where the zombies are fast, because they're still just zombies. It does get kind of boring seeing the same 8 different zombies all the time, and they have a tendency to re-use the off the path places you randomly stop at when you are traveling from destination to destination. And don't even try to kill all the zombies in a level: no matter how many you kill, they keep coming back and in some cases they even triple in numbers making back tracking for some of the optional tasks you can complete in missions a grueling task, if not just a total throwing up of your hands and saying "F*** it" and moving on with your life. The stealth mechanic works probably better than the other mechanics in the game. The "grappling" thing is weird. It's just a quick time event where you gotta line up a head shot with the knife. Gets more annoying that useful after a while. I successfully stabbed my way through 15 zombies at one time with having to go through that little QTE. Each zombie just lines up like it's their turn at the kissing booth or something. If you aren't quick about it you will take enough damage and die though, so be warned about that.


All in all though, it wasn't a bad game. I've played a lot worse and actually paid the full $60 to play it. For only $50 I knew what I was getting myself into anyways, just like at the beginning of this I told you about the whole playing games that are based off of tv shows and movies. Approach with a realistic expectation and you won't be that badly disappointed. Approach it like it's the next Halo, CoD, or Elder Scrolls and be sorely disappointed.