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The Walking Dead Season Two – Episode 3: In Harm's Way

Episode 3 Screens Show Why It's Called 'In Harm's Way'

Tension is escalating in The Walking Dead's second season, and it doesn't look as though things will be letting up. Telltale has released a new batch of screens from the upcoming third episode, showing Clementine in peril and more.

Take a look at the screens in the gallery below to see what we're talking about. They show the group of survivors being led into Carver's compound, and scenes of Clementine and Sarah on their own. 

The second season has been great so far, and we're excited to see where the story goes from here. Telltale isn't saying when episode 3 – titled In Harm's Way – will be arriving, beyond saying the dates are coming in the "very near future."

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  • cant wait!

  • Once Telltale starts releasing images, trailers, etc the corresponding episode usually follows fairly quickly, hopefully, it's not that far off the horizon because TWD had a very strong Episode 2 and I'm eager to play more.
  • Can't wait to play it.

  • Clementine has really grown up since she was with Lee. I still view her as a innocent little girl that it sometimes surprises me that I can make her say "Holy $hit" in some situations.
  • Looking forward to it, I still feel like Season has been better so far, and between TWD season 2 and TWAU, I like TWAU a little better. The end of episode 2 got me excited though, so I'm anxious to see how episode 3 will play out.

  • Oh my god, Clementine no! That was one of the best cliffhangers ever leaving us as we watch them all get captured. God what's gonna happen. I'm so scared! I hope its ready next week!!! I wonder if the baby will be born . . .
  • I've noticed that when Telltale starts releasing screens and such relating to the next episode it means it's coming soon. I'm guessing we'll see episode 3 next week or the week after.

  • I really wish at some point these guys would stop doing episodic content and actually try for a full fledged retail. While the quality is great, people are bound to get exhausted with partial games and weekly releases. Isn't that why things like netflix exist? Being able to watch your shows in one sitting as opposed to the lately unreliable breaks and scheduling on TV?

  • Hurry up and give it to me lol!!!
  • I Got a better title for this article "Why is Kim not involved?". Seriously I thought all these were Kim's department. Do you cry after playing games, Cork? DO you?? HUH? DO YOU???

  • Oh man, I can't wait. Looks like it will be intense.

  • After the (slightly) disappointing first episode of this season, A House Divided more than made up for it. It was such an intense and shocking episode, and I loved every minute of it. These screenshots are reassuring; we'll probably get a release date soon. I'm glad Telltale is working on shortening the wait time between episodes this time around.
  • Whoa it looks awesome.

  • And I STILL haven't started (or even downloaded) Episode 2 yet.
  • Is it just me or do the episodes seem shorter in season 2? Maybe it's because of more action but these episodes don't seem as long. Still love this series and will buy episode 3 asap.

  • I was a bit worried when TT announced the Clem was taking of as protagonist but I love playing as her which surprises me. I've been playing games for 18 years so playing as a girl in general is kinda not for me but TT proved me wrong. This season has been awesome so far and their take on WD (which happens to be my favorite show of course) is epic.