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The Walking Dead Season Two - Episode 4: Amid the Ruins

The Walking Dead Returns With Episode 4 Next Week

Telltale has announced the release dates for Episode 4 of The Walking Dead’s second season. Amid the Ruins will be out next week for all platforms.

Clementine’s journey continues first on PC, PlayStation 3 (NA), and Vita on July 22. On July 23, the episode comes to Xbox 360 worldwide and PlayStation Network in Europe. Finally, iOS gamers will be able to continue the season on July 24.

Along with the release date announcement, there's a new trailer. Be warned, it does contain spoilers for the preceding episodes.

Interested in more Telltale information? Check out our E3 preview of the upcoming partnership with Gearbox, Tales from the Borderlands.

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  • I can't wait, this is literally one of the reasons I kept my 360.

  • FINALLY.. What sucks is the release is so far from the last I can't even remember WTF happened in the previous episode.
  • What is Kenny gonna do!?

  • It's gonna be great. Having finished The Wolf Among Us, I've enjoyed that one a lot more, but if they can lead The Walking Dead game into an amazing ending with this episode they can still change my mind.

  • Hooray! I'm enjoying season 2 quite a bit.

  • Finally.

  • If the rumor that you'll have to choose between Kenny and Luke, I'm going with Kenny. I really want them to do something with Nick. He got a lot of development in the first two episodes (especially if you go with Nick and not Pete), but he didn't really do anything in episode three besides crack a joke with Kenny.

  • Be warned, it also contains MASSIVE *** FEELY EMOTIONS
  • The Destiny Beta and Episode four both on the 23rd? What will I do? Also since the trailer for Ep.3 was too spoilery for me I'll watch this trailer after I play the episode.
  • Only a year and seven months until Episode 5!

  • I thought that all the characters from the 400 days episode were gonna be in season 2. Granted there is still this episode and the next, but the only one I have recognized so far is Bonnie. Unless I missed one in a previous episode.
  • Go figure. This is coming out the day I go on vacation. Guess I'll have something good waiting for me when I get back.

  • about damn time

  • Can't wait to see more of Solid Kenny, he seems to be showing a lot of potential this season.

  • Part of me wants Kenny to keep on going but then again I don't want him to suffer more.

  • I didn't know how I would like playing this with Clementine being the focus, but it has been very good so far.
  • I'm not gonna lie, after the way the last episode ended. I'm terrified to play this episode. I'm scared too imagine how it's gonna end. After everything I did in the last episode . . . That baby needs to live . . . Clementine needs to live . . . And Kenny . . And poor Sarah . . I'm afraid . .