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A House Divided

GREAT episode!!! Fantastic!!! It was really fun and very very intense. Great story and gameplay and full of great surprises and suspense. This was a damn good episode and I can't wait for the 3rd.

  • I can't remember any previous episodes having this many quick-react choices that actually mattered. There were many split second choices to be made with immediate consequences. One in particular made it clear that someone's life was in your hands. I can't wait to replay it to see the alternate outcome. The overall sense of futility in your choices to bring about any positive outcome really brought a haunting sense of inevitability and helplessness. It was a constant barrage of choosing the lesser of two evils. I look forward to all these characters being more fully fleshed out because everyone seems to be hiding something. There were only a small handful of true action sequences, but the dialogue choices were some of the best the series has offered to date. Lastly, I must mention that I can't bring myself to like any of these characters (with the exception of Luke, but only if I put myself directly in Clementine's shoes, because he's the only one who is nice to her) which I find to be a plus. It makes the choices that much more difficult to make.