This second episode continues where the first one left off. First thing first, this is way better than episode one. The story this time starts off dark and gets darker the more it goes. It also pushes the gore level to 11. When I say that this second installment is gory, trust me it IS GORY.

Story - You still play as Lee and your group are still trying to survive in a zombie infested world. The biggest threat this time are not zombies but human beings themselves. You fight amongst each other as much as you are fighting against zombies. There is also a shortage of food within the group but it gets "solve" when two strangers come walking by looking for gas. You give them gas and they give you food. The story gets deeper from here and trust me, IT IS DARK AND DISTURBING.

My Rating - This second episode is way better than the first one. The story is actually interesting this time around. The characters are more developed and I really enjoyed how dark the story gets. Overall this episode is a 9/10.