I thought episode 1 showed strength, so I had high hopes for episode 2. I thought that episode 2 was absolutely better then the 1st. While it has hardly any zombies this time, it has a great dark story that by the end, you'll be wanting more.

Graphics are good. These are the same comicbook graphics like you saw in the 1st one. Score is better. Can be real intense. Voice acting is good. The lead was great, but some of the minors sounded off. Story is great. Still about 2-21/2 hours like the first, but still plenty. I know this isn't in the game, but one flaw is Telltale takes such a while to make each one. I mean 2 months for 1 episode. Just seams stupid if you ask me.

Overall, walking dead ep. 2 is a blast. If you have episode 1, you must get this. Can't wait for episode 3, but wish it came out sooner. That's why I would give Walking dead episode 2: Starved for help a

9 out of 10