Being hooked on the TV show I had to try this game. Episode 2 broadens the distinction of this game between story telling and game play. The storytelling part, having to choose sides, your decisions affecting peoples opinions in ways that you could not foresee, being put between a rock and a hard place, is wonderful. The game play aspect of it though, is not as fun. While trying to seem to make it easier, for "non-gamers" it makes it harder for this gamer. Angles are weird, movement is not fluid, interrupting cut scenes disengage me from the flow of the action. In this game there is one part were you have to move very slowly and stop before someone decides to shoot you in the face in order to talk them down. You have to go through this step multiple times. That was a long, and frustrating, process for me. Recognizing the fact that it just could be faulty gaming upon my part though, I separate that frustration from my overall opinion of the game, since in another part where I am caught getting hammered in the face, I die over and over again, so I hand the controller to my 13 year old son, who with two button pushes, changes the entire combat and gets me out of the sticky situation. The other part of the game play is that I can not make the choices that seem obviously better than what the characters are allowed to choose. Again, my own personal frustration that belies the nature of horror movies, and my dislike for them, that I have to push aside from my rating of the game. Overall, the story is compelling enough to me, that it overrides the game play aggravations that I am experiencing that is probably do to my own lack of hand speed or choice approval.