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  • Blog Post: Glitchy but great

    There we a lot of glitches that shouldn't be there and made it a little difficult at times but the 3rd episode is still great. I loved it even though some parts were in need of some more time in the testing lab. I am always impressed with Walking dead game and I did not see some of the twists that... More
  • Blog Post: My favorite thus far.

    Even more gritty and raw than the first two episodes, and it also added a little bit more in the way of pacing that I really enjoyed. It can't be TWD without that underlying senese of urgency and desperation that put you on edge the way Resident Evil USED TO! More
  • Blog Post: The Walking Dead Episode 3 Review: Sick, Twisted, and Satisfying

    To say that The Walking Dead's third episode, Long Road Ahead, had a little hype around it's release is a massive understatement. After rumblings of just how far Episode Three would go in trying to make the player feel shocked and truly question the choices that they make, Telltale Games had... More
  • Blog Post: Possibly the Best Episode Yet!

    Please note, I am reviewing the PC version of The Walking Dead: Episode Three In the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, we as players get to meet all these different characters, and get to fall in love/ learn to hate each and every one of them. In episode three this is no different, and in fact... More
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