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  • Blog Post: Why Episode 3 of The Walking Dead was the best so far.

    In my opinion this was by far the best episode of The Walking Dead yet I have many reasons for thinking this and will list them in the coming sentences. First off let me say I am reviewing the PC version of The Walking Dead. Now onto the review. In this episode I had to face some of the most hard choices... More
  • Blog Post: Possibly the Best Episode Yet!

    Please note, I am reviewing the PC version of The Walking Dead: Episode Three In the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, we as players get to meet all these different characters, and get to fall in love/ learn to hate each and every one of them. In episode three this is no different, and in fact... More
  • Blog Post: walking dead episode 3 review

    Great review GI i echo everything. I would like to put a greater emphasis on how good the story telling is. This games story / writing and group of characters in my eyes is equal and arguably better than the TV series. I cant ever remember loving or hating a video game character as i have in these episodes... More
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