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  • Blog Post: So far so good so what

    This third and latest installment in the Walking Dead video game series continues where the second one left off. You are still fighting against each other in your group and this time it is even worst. Someone in the group is stealing your supplies during the night and you have to figure out who it is... More
  • Blog Post: The Walking Dead Episode 3 Review: Sick, Twisted, and Satisfying

    To say that The Walking Dead's third episode, Long Road Ahead, had a little hype around it's release is a massive understatement. After rumblings of just how far Episode Three would go in trying to make the player feel shocked and truly question the choices that they make, Telltale Games had... More
  • Blog Post: Why Episode 3 of The Walking Dead was the best so far.

    In my opinion this was by far the best episode of The Walking Dead yet I have many reasons for thinking this and will list them in the coming sentences. First off let me say I am reviewing the PC version of The Walking Dead. Now onto the review. In this episode I had to face some of the most hard choices... More
  • Blog Post: Hardest Decisions Yet

    Episode 3 of The Walking Dead made me make some of the hardest decisions yet. Not to say that Episodes 1 and 2 haven't had difficult moments, but the choices I was forced to make really had me worried. Most times, I can make an almost-instant decision based on my feelings towards the characters.... More
  • Blog Post: Possibly the Best Episode Yet!

    Please note, I am reviewing the PC version of The Walking Dead: Episode Three In the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, we as players get to meet all these different characters, and get to fall in love/ learn to hate each and every one of them. In episode three this is no different, and in fact... More
  • Blog Post: walking dead episode 3 review

    Great review GI i echo everything. I would like to put a greater emphasis on how good the story telling is. This games story / writing and group of characters in my eyes is equal and arguably better than the TV series. I cant ever remember loving or hating a video game character as i have in these episodes... More
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