This third and latest installment in the Walking Dead video game series continues where the second one left off. You are still fighting against each other in your group and this time it is even worst. Someone in the group is stealing your supplies during the night and you have to figure out who it is. Also this is the episode when people start dying.

Story - After the incident at the end of the second episode, the group goes back to their hangout and has to make a tough decision, do you stay and keep scourging for materials or do you take you chances on the road. Like the second episode this third part has its moments. I will say it is even more emotional than the second one.

My Rating - This series gets better the more it goes on. I hope the last two episode can deliver. This episode is a little bit longer and more fun to play (There is even a shooting segment that is done pretty well) and I really enjoyed it. I still like the second one better but still this is a definitely buy. 8.5/10