I've been waiting a whie for ep. 3. It seems to me that each episode keeps on getting better and better everytime, and it's especially the case here. Long road ahead really show off skill of what telltale can do with the game now, and further on.

Graphics are good. I'm starting to really like the comic book graphics, plus they look very good. Score is great. This time, they added more music, which for me, makes it more intense. Voice acting I must say best of the series so far. Everyone was great in all performances.

The main thing is the story. It's told quite well. It alines all of your choices you made first 2 games, to a thrilling 3rd episode that'll keep you guessing. Gameplay is good. Another 2-3 hour of gameplay. Controls felt a little off this time. I mean, sometimes I'd tell it to do something and it wouldn't work. That only happened once or twice though.

Overall, best walking ded episode yet. I'm really excited to see where it goes next. I had alot of fun so that's why I gave Walking dead ep. 3 long road ahead a

9.25 out of 10