Episode 3 of The Walking Dead made me make some of the hardest decisions yet.

Not to say that Episodes 1 and 2 haven't had difficult moments, but the choices I was forced to make really had me worried. Most times, I can make an almost-instant decision based on my feelings towards the characters. This time round however, I found myself actually getting to the point where I had to make a decision before the timer finished; something I've never had to do before. I found myself trying to decide whether or not to do what was best for me or the group. I even felt a sense of jealousy when Clementine started spending time with other characters; and a genuine sense of guilt when I did something wrong. 

The decisions in this episode feel like they would have much heavier consequences if I were to choose wrongly, something that made me really think. The episode also does really well in tempting me to take the angry, violent path that would undoubtedly have some sort of negative consequence. I would be so very, very tempted to have a go at one of the other characters, and sometimes I would and then instantly regret it, after seeing the result. 

As a result however, I felt that this episode lacked any decent action. One certain sequence had me sniping from afar, however all I had to do was get the reticule even slightly close and hit 'A' for them to drop dead before me. A few other parts had me feeling the same way: that I wanted to try and engage in conversation with the 'walkers' then try to even snipe them again. In future episodes, I'd really like to see an overhaul on the sniping aspect of the game, if it's introduced again that is.

Episode 3 of The Walking Dead has left me thinking about what I've had to do, and what I've had to make other characters do. The decisions have been on such a personal scale, and I'm left realising that Lee isn't me, but a character in the game. I feel a genuine concern for Lee and Clem; as well as genuine hate for others. Overall, a fantastic episode that has left me, and undoubtedly other players, waiting desperately for Episode 4.

(Played on Mac with controller)