Please note, I am reviewing the PC version of The Walking Dead: Episode Three

In the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, we as players get to meet all these different characters, and get to fall in love/ learn to hate each and every one of them. In episode three this is no different, and in fact Telltale handles this better (in my opinion) in this latest episode.

Like in the other two episodes, episode three is nicely paced and very story heavy, however episode three also has more action in it too. For example there is a scene in which Lee must snipe some bandits (and later, in the same scene, Zombies) that was really well planned out and very fun, (albeit I did have to retry it a couple of times because one guy kept sneaking up on me).

However, where the other two focus more on story, Three focus' more on character development, such has having the option to tell other group members about Lee's past, or getting to see Lee and Clementine form a stronger bond. All of these scenes, were interesting to watch and I just wanted to see would happen next to my favorite, and even most hated characters. 

Another good thing about Episode three is that there are so many good surprises around every corner. One such thing is that characters I loved from the first two episodes, are now my least favorite characters in Episodes. For example, in earlier episodes, I found myself siding with Kenny, now however, I find myself siding with Lilly just because Kenny hates me for a decision I made in Episode Two.

Over all, Episode Three is really good. If you played and enjoyed the first two, then you would really like the third one. My main complaint however, is that the choices you make don't really seem to affect the story beyond who likes/hates you, and that's something I wish Telltale would make better in future episodes. Until then, I look forward to said future episodes.