Great review GI i echo everything. I would like to put a greater emphasis on how good the story telling is. This games story / writing and group of characters  in my eyes is equal and arguably better than the TV series. I cant ever remember loving or hating a video game character as i have in these episodes. One and two where good but they were trying to set up the plot and introduce characters. In episode three i was completely blown away by how much i cared about certain characters. Ive never wanted to hear what every character has to say. In games like final fantasy, skyrim, or fallout 3 talking to an in game characters was always an annoying chore that i would button mash through. Not in these episodes. The writing and pacing of the story is excellent. My complaints are as the GI review stated. The shooting sequences or hamstrung by a terrible button configuration. The right stick is used for aiming and firing is the x button. It just doesnt work and will cause you to die many cheep deaths. Thing is after you finally get past these sections you kind of dont care that you died because it gives you the sense that your life is in real danger. If it wasnt for this bad button lay out i might not of died once. So in the end i really didnt care. Im playing on the ps3 [home of the glitch] and experienced a major glitch half way through the episode that forced me to quit and restart the game. That sucked but once again i didnt care because as soon as i rebooted the episode i was swept away in its engrossing story. This is a tough game to review because in many ways its not a game. This is like watching the TV show except every decision is made by you. This aspect may be the best part about the game. I never feel like im forced to make a choice that i wouldnt make if i was really in that situation. I never feel handicapped by a lack of choices. I feel free to act how i want. And because theres a time limit on each choice the tension of thinking on my toes forces me to rely on my personal ethics and go with my gut feeling often times hoping im making the right decision. Tell Tale has struck gold with this series. The overall Walking Dead world by its very nature allows for an unlimited amount of spin offs. After episode 5 they could easily do another 5 with all new characters. All in all if you like the Walking Dead tv show or comic this is a MUST BUY. If you choose to view this as a video game then i believe the GI rating is fair but if you consider this an interactive movie then id give it a perfect ten. Well i guess ill be waiting another two months for two hours of pure zombie heaven.