One word: walker-tastic.

Yeah, it's a made up word, but it really should be considering all the walkers.

My brother decided he'd buy the game after playing a demo of it he got off the XBOX marketplace. The Walking Dead series has been one of my all-time favorites so, of course, I sat down to watch. The minute the game started, I knew I wanted to play.

The game begins in a police car with the main character Lee Everett. He has been arrested for an unknown crime that is revealed later in the plot. The police officer makes small talk with him and at some point stops paying attention--big mistake. You only have about five seconds to choose what to say before the car veers of the road and you fall into the forest.

Upon waking up, your leg is hurt, the police officer seems to have been thrown out, and you're trapped in the car. You call out to him, but he's not responding. You find your way out of the car through the window and approach the "unconscious" police officer. You reach down to grab the keys to your handcuffs, skillfully drop them, and then pick them back up to unchain yourself.

Sweet freedom, right? Wrong.

The police officer was dead, not unconscious. He gets up to attack like all walkers do when they're around a living being. Ultimately you kill the thing with a shotgun and run out of there with the walkers following suit.

Now because the rest of the storyline is more fun to experience than to read, I won't add any more. Instead, I'll get to the gameplay.

The game is like those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books that a lot of people read when they were kids. You choose what you want to do, and it changes the way things will end for Lee. There are a lot of responses to choose from and reactions to be had. Some of these are split-second decisions that require you to make some hard decisions. All-in-all, I think this was a great way to build the game because it lets you be in control of the horror movie/show/whatever.

There isn't a lot of violence, but I can assure you that when there is, it's gruesome and awesome. Any fan of zombie violence wouldn't be disappointed in the gross scenes to come.

The art in the game, I thought, was awesome. It made me feel like I was experiencing the comic books instead of another random zombie game. The 3D graphics that were originally 2D was great and left me commenting the entire time about it.

The Walking Dead Episode 1 is a "New Day," and it certainly makes it a good one. There are still many surprises and even characters from the show that show up in the game that make it absolutely worth it.