The first episode of this five part game is a great introduction to the world of Walking Dead and to adventure type games. This is not really a "game" but more of an interactive movie. If you can read and click than you should have no problem with this game.

Story - You are Lee, a man on his way to jail for murder. The story begins like any other zombie movie. Everything is fine when suddenly *** happens and before you know it, the dead have come back to life. You meet a small group of survivors and have to find a way to survive.

My Rating - This is a great introductory part even though it is very short and not a lot happens. You get to kill a few zombies and solve a few puzzle but none are actually that good. The most interesting thing about this first episode are the conversation. They are interesting and the voice work is wonderful. Overall this is still a great game and I give it a 8/10