When I first heard the walking dead was coming to videogames, I was excited and nervous. Excited because I'm a big fan of the show, but nervous because telltale was making it. It looked all right but, I was stil going to get it. I waited a while, and then when I got it, it was a blast. The walking dead is a great game to download that lives up to what's on Tv.


Graphics are good. The comic book like style looked pretty good. Story is intense. You will have to make big choices that will change the story. That what makes it so intense. Score all right. Not alot, but it's descent. Gameplay is good. It's about only 2 hours because it's only the 1st episode out of 5. How's it's narrative, and just goes by, it reminds me of Heavy Rain gameplay.

 Overall, walking dead is a real fun game. If your a fan of the show, or a horror fan, your going to really like this. Anyone wil probably think it's real fun. That's why I would give Walking dead episode one: A new day a

9 out of 10