It has been a long time since I have felt any sort if emotional connection to the characters in a video game. With most major market games being first person shooters with heavy focus on action rather than character development, The Walking Dead Game" caught me completely off guard. This is the first zombie game that has ever had me biting my nails in distress and holding my breath in anticipation as I dread the doomed fates of its beautifully crafted characters. 

     Everything about The Walking Dead game feels exactly how a zombie game should. It throws you into the heart of a darkened world in which the only light comes from the friends made around you. This is exactly what caught me off guard during my experience. The Walking Dead game is less of a game and more of a novel. The protagonist, Lee is carefully crafted, holding a mysterious past and having a likable personality. He is a man of compassion and as the game progresses, specific instances show off what kind of hero he really is. 

     Early on in the game Lee befriends a small eight year old girl by the name of Clementine. Clementines parents are no where to be found and in the classic act as the hero Lee takes her along with him on his journey across a zombie riddled nation. The friendship that lee and clementine develop is one that is believable. It is something that is rarely seen in today's world of gaming anymore. Dead Rising 2 attempted to create the same sort of "father-daughter" bond but failed to do so with the lack of interaction between the two. By the conclusion of the first episode, I felt as though lee was centimes father, battling for his daughter with an unending fire fueled by compassion.

     The conversations that take place between them both are so expertly written it was hard to remember that these characters were fictional, and at any moment disaster could strike separating them from one another. Lee and clementine come in contact with a small variety of side characters, each with their own believable personalities. The group of survivors you build are surprisingly deep and realistic. Which makes deciding who must live and who must die so difficult. I cannot remember the last time I replayed conversations with certain characters in my head before choosing between them,bro actually reminisce with the memories they had created with lee. 

     The Walking Dead Game is the most beautiful and startling arcade game I have ever played. It is the biggest surprise of 2012 so far and I cannot wait for episode 2.