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Walking Dead Game

I played through it twice, unless the game is going to be super long, I feel the choices have no reel effect, just a different scenario, but having just 2 choices is to thin for me, sometimes we have 1, or 2 choices but sometimes we have 20-100 choices to accomplish a task, give us full control over what we do, so far , Rockstar is the only company to achieve this realism..... how much longer can games be this boring an paper thin. 

If I was a Zed fan, or better yet a WD fan I would have trashed this, like Jurassic Park and Back to Future which both sucked....

Step it up TellTale..... or the only tell tale you'll be telling is your story to the unemployment office.....

  • Its a five dollar game, and you expect it to have 20-100 choices(oddly specific numbers, you got there), and to have the "realism" and control of a Rockstar game?

    For 5 dollars.

    Your sounding more then a little spoiled.

    I'm guessing that soon your going to complain about Skyrim not letting us go to ALL of Tamriel.